US Rice Genome Consortium receives USDA Secretary's Honor Awards

The US rice genome sequencing group which consists of the ACWW (Arizona Genomics Institute, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Washington University and University of Wisconcin) Consortium, The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) and the Plant Genome Initiative at Rutgers (PGIR) was awarded the USDA Secretary's Honor Awards for leading the United States partnership in the multinational achievement to decode the rice genome to advance knowledge, improve nutrition, and alleviate world hunger. The awardees include Rod A. Wing, Group Leader; Edward K. Kaleikau, CSREES; Judith Plesset, National Science Foundation; Sharlene C. Weatherwax, Department of Energy; Joachim Messing, Rentao Song, Arvind Bharti, Galina Fuks, Victor Llaca, Rutgers University; C. Robin Buell, Qiaoping Yuan, Jia Liu, Shu Ouyang, Kristen Gansberger, Institute for Genomic Research; W. Richard McCombie, Melissa Kramer, Lance Palmer, Robert Martienssen, Maureen Bell, Sujit Dike, Lidia Nascimento, Andrew O'fShaughnessy, Lori Spiegel, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Richard K. Wilson, Patrick Minx, Washington University; Jiming Jiang, University of Wisconsin; Yeisoo Yu, Carol Soderlund, Hye Ran Kim, Teri Rambo, Kristi Collura, Jennifer Currie, University of Arizona; Mingsheng Chen, Long Mao, Clemson University; and Ralph A. Dean, North Carolina State University.

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