The International Rice Genome Sequencing Project (IRGSP) has further updated the rice Nipponbare genomesequences assembled as reference molecules with the release of the Build 3.0 pseudomolecules, based upon the data freeze of July 30th, 2004.Please refer the most updated version ( update 2005.2.3

IRGSP releases the assembled rice genome sequences

The International Rice Genome Sequencing Project (IRGSP) has released an updated version of the rice Nipponbare genome sequence assembled into 12 reference molecules (Build 2.0 pseudomolecule).

Since the IRGSP initiated the sequencing effort in 1998, the genome sequence has been released to the public databases on a PAC (P1-derived artificial chromosome) / BAC (Bacterial artificial chromosome) clone basis. The nucleotide sequence representing the entire chromosome was constructed by joining the sequence of each PAC/BAC clone based on the order of the clones on the physical map. The overlapping sequences were removed and the physical gaps were replaced by successive Ns. These pseudomolecules could be utilized as reference molecules for the genome-wide survey of specific genes and characterization of the entire genome.

The 12 rice pseudomolecules were first constructed after the completion of the high-quality draft sequence based on the data freeze on 8 Jan 2003. The current release was constructed from the data freeze on 27 Dec 2003 and consisted of 368,730,681 total nucleotides excluding the Ns.

The sequence data for each chromosome (from the short arm to the long arm) are available under the following accessions in the public databases.

chromosome1 AP006867
chromosome2 AP006868
chromosome3 AP006869
chromosome4 AP006870
chromosome5 AP006871
chromosome6 AP006872
chromosome7 AP006873
chromosome8 AP006874
chromosome9 AP006875
chromosome10 AE016959 CON division
chromosome11 AP006876
chromosome12 AP006877

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